Wedding Insurance

What is Wedding Insurance
Wedding Insurance provides you with peace of mind for your special day. You probably have dreamed of planning the perfect wedding, and no matter how carefully you plan there is always something that could go wrong – things that are out of your control. Wedding insurance is a type of special event insurance that protects a couple’s financial investment that is beyond their control. It protects from losses that may arise due to unforeseen circumstance.


What Does Wedding Insurance Cover
There are two types of event insurance: liability insurance and cancellation insurance. Many couples buy liability insurance and cancellation insurance together.

Liability insurance covers property damage to the wedding site and bodily injury to attendees. What if one of your guest slips and falls and gets injured at the event venue. Liability insurance will pay their medical bills up to the limits on your policy.

Cancellation insurance provides reimbursement for deposits you made to vendors. We are here to help you protect your financial investment from various circumstances that could arise, such as –

• Cancel or postpone wedding due to extreme weather
• Illness to the bride or groom (or an immediate family member)
• Military deployment
• Vendor no shows (i.e., caterer, florist, officiant – does not show up)


 Wedding Insurance DOES NOT Cover

• Change of heart
• Loss of engagement ring or wedding rings (You can purchase scheduled personal property “SPP coverage” as an endorsement under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy)
• Watches, jewelry or semiprecious gemstones or pearls (even if they are attached to clothing) may not be covered.


Supplemental Insurance Coverage

Couples purchase additional supplemental insurance to defend against damages incurred by other wedding related matters, such as –

• Photographer – pays to retake photographs after the fact.
• Videography – videotape produced by a professional videographer is damaged a policy usually pays a certain amount to have a video montage created or retake of the official video restaged.
• Gifts – pays to repair or replace non-monetary gifts that are lost, stolen or damaged.
• Attire – pays to repair or replace a bridal gown or other special attire when it is in your possession and is lost, stolen or damaged.


Allow Lancaster Insurance Center to help you choose a policy that will fit your individual or family’s needs. Our goal is to help you protect what matters most by protecting your assets, whether personal, business, or both. A well-chosen policy can lessen the impact of some of life’s most common, yet unforeseen perils.

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Additional Wedding Coverage

When purchasing coverage, you will have a few options to buy:
• Wedding and Event Liability: Covers liability at the venue for property damage or injuries to guests that may be held responsible for.
• Host Liquor Liability: Will protect you against liquor-related incidents. If you are hosting a wedding at home, this may also be something you need to consider.
• Venue or Additional Insured Liability: If your wedding requires you to provide liability coverage for the venue or additional named insureds, you must add them to the policy.
• Cancellation or Postponement: Reimbursements of any nonrefundable lost deposits up to the limit of the policy.
• Additional or Special Coverages: If you want to insure your dress, or tuxedo, gifts, photographs or other items against damage or theft (i.e. if you rip your wedding dress accidentally).

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