Commercial Property Insurance

Coverage that protects your assets

What is Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your company’s business property from a covered loss. This includes commercial buildings and structures, as well as assets like equipment, technology, furniture, and inventory. Losing these assets would be a potentially critical setback for your business. Business owners often purchase commercial property coverage bundled with other commercial insurance policies.

Business property insurance is something every company needs – whether you own your own building, lease, or work from home. Commercial property insurance provides protection from perils such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.

As a business owner, having the right type and level of insurance coverage for your property and physical assets provides you with a critical financial safety net when things go wrong. Your selection of coverage may vary on a variety of factors relating to your business, including the type and amount of property you need covered, the age and condition of that property, and where your business is located.

Common Types of Business Property Coverage

Having a commercial property insurance policy can protect against the cost of replacing lost or damaged property. Commercial property insurance can cover any related loss such as, lost income, or business interruption, buildings, computers, money, and valuable papers. Commercial property insurance is a great way to ensure that your business’ location and assets, as well as your income, are adequately protected.

The Two Types of Coverage

The different types of property insurance:

1. Direct Damage – Direct damage covers the physical loss of property or physical damage to property. A commercial property insurance policy usually covers the replacement or rebuilding of a property. You can include coverage for cleanup and debris removal after a covered natural disaster. Direct damage coverage can be added on, removed, or you can adjust coverages as you need through endorsements.

2. Time Element Coverages – Time element covers a loss that results from the inability to put damaged property to its normal use. The longer the repairs your business take, the more your losses grow. Time element coverage is generally tied in with direct damage coverage.

What Impacts the Cost of Your Commercial Property Insurance

Calculating your commercial property insurance cost will depend on several factors, including the type of business you own, where it’s located, how much coverage you want, and the insurance company you choose.
• Location
• How large your business property is
• How old your building is
• What physical assets need to be insured
• Coverage limits and deductibles chosen
The cost of insurance will vary by state and other factors.




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