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While on the road stay protected!  Lancaster Insurance Center provides coverage to protects your business’ cars, trucks, and other vehicles.


Providing Protection for you Business Auto 

Whether you own one vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles, we are here to help you implement custom coverage that will protect your business and personal assets from the added exposure that commercial vehicles bring with them.

When a vehicle collision happens it’s never pleasant, especially when it’s with one of your business vehicles, the consequences can be more complicated. Business auto insurance, also known as commercial auto insurance, takes all the elements of normal auto coverage and adds on extra protection.


Business Auto Liability Insurance

Business auto insurance liability and physical damage provides protections for all your vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, and fleets used in your daily business. Commercial vehicles require a sperate policy since they are typically at a greater risk of having an accident than a personal vehicle.

Business auto provides coverage for other types of businesses. Do you use your vehicle to run errands, carry tools or transport clients? Then you need a business auto insurance. Business auto insurance is essential for anyone who runs a business, obtaining the proper coverage can sometimes get confusing. Lancaster Insurance Center can help!

When obtaining commercial auto insurance, you can generally obtain higher limits of liability coverage to indicate the fact that a business typically has more assets at risk than an individual. With commercial auto insurance, you can purchase physical damage coverage (Comprehensive & Collision). These coverages pay out for damage to your commercial vehicle, no matter what the cause was – a protection that is essential if you finance or lease commercial vehicles.

Should you apply regular car insurance to a business vehicle? The answer is NO!

These are the reasons why:

• Business assets are at risk when a commercial vehicle is involved in an accident. It’s important that your coverage limits are higher for your protection and your financial protection.
• Commercial auto insurance offers comprehensive & collision coverage. Providing the business owner with reimbursement for damages regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Don’t risk everything you worked hard in building when it comes to your business. If your business includes commercial vehicles, then don’t you feel it’s time to purchase business auto insurance?


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Coverage to match your Business Auto Fleet

Selecting business auto insurance coverage to meet your specific needs is vital to protecting your business and assets. A commercial auto insurance quote typically includes:
• Liability
• Physical Damage
• Medical Payments
• Uninsured Motorist
• Hired Auto
• Non-Owned Coverage

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability

Are you renting a car for your business? Are your employees using their vehicle to complete work? This coverage is an add-on or a separate policy that provides business insurance coverage for certain liabilities arising from the use of a rented or leased vehicle (hired), or a non-owned vehicle (employee using their own vehicle on company time).

While often overlooked by business owners, this type of protection can help reduce the risk of unpleasant legal problems. What if an employee is injured in an accident? Or what if, their vehicle is totaled while on the clock? Non-owned auto liability insurance would provide protection for these types of situations.

Allow Lancaster Insurance Center to help you choose a policy that will fit your business needs. Our goal is to help you protect what matters most by protecting your assets, whether business, personal, or both. A well-chosen policy can lessen the impact of some of life’s most common, yet unforeseen perils.


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